Top 3 Reasons a Fun Workplace is the Best Workplace

January 26, 2022 by Nate Martin

Alright yes, it’s a job. It’s the workplace. You’re meant to be there to get the work done — and then go home to have your fun. 

But having fun in the workplace is important too. Here’s why: 

  1. Creates opportunities to socialize outside of work

Dragged into that lunch and learn (psst, a Puzzle Break experience maybe?) only to discover you and a far-flung colleague you’ve not connected with yet have a secret affinity for escape rooms? Sweet! A new monthly tradition is born, adding another friend to your roster. 

This kind of interaction, where colleagues become friends, can be crucial to improving communication, engagement and problem-solving in the workplace … not to mention it makes work a more fun place to be for everyone involved! 

  1. “Fun” improves collaboration both within and across departments

Not only is it easier to collaborate with colleagues you feel comfortable with, it’s more productive too! Collaboration suddenly becomes something you look forward to, rather than a chore or repetitive task. Getting to know each other in new ways breaks down boundaries and barriers, to make communicating easier and more effective. 

  1. When people are happy, they stick around

If you’re seeing a high turnover in the office, or working your way through the current Great Resignation time period, adding “fun” into the workplace might move the situation to a better foot. 

Organizations with higher employee happiness report lower turnover, absenteeism and other work-related problems. Happier people perform better and work to their full potential. Plus, happiness is contagious — you’ll attract the best talent on hiring if the company name is attached to people who genuinely enjoy their jobs. 

How are you creating a fun work environment? Maybe it’s snacks in the lunchroom, a Secret Santa season, Halloween cookies or a Puzzle Break experience for the whole team. Whatever it is, we hope you make the best of National Fun at Work Day on January 28!


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