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Does your team have the skills to

Escape the room?

Find the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape the room before time runs out! The #1 top rated activity for friends, family, and team building from the legendary escape room innovators.

We Come to You Virtually

Virtual escape room experiences

The ultimate team building activity with unmatched convenience. An unforgettable time with proven results, Puzzle Break's world-famous team building is now available online for unlimited players, anywhere.

We Come to You In Person

Offsite & hybrid escape experiences

Bring the magic of Puzzle Break to your next corporate offsite, private event, or team gathering. Teams of adventurers race against the clock and each other as they find clues, solve puzzles, and unravel the mystery before time runes out!

You Come to Us in Seattle

Seattle escape rooms

Experience legendary award-winning escape rooms at our convenient Seattle headquarters. Featuring unparalleled technology, puzzles, and adventure. Does your team have what it takes? Test your skills in our world-famous Seattle escape rooms!

10,000+ companies' performance improved


How can Puzzle Break help your team?

Our team building and escape room experiences are painstakingly crafted to take your team to the next level and have an amazing time, every time.

Improve skills

Professional development

Unlock maximum individual and team potential across the Puzzle Break Keystones.

Best Team Building Activity

Something for everyone

Every participant will contribute in ways that maximize their morale, engagement, and buy-in.

Virtual Team Bonding

Build & strengthen relationships

Turbocharge your team's performance as new connections are forged and existing relationships are taken to the next level.

Escape rooms for any size groups

Unlimited participants

Puzzle Break's proprietary designs and technology enable unlimited participants. No team is too big or too small.

What clients are saying

Super fun experience, the virtual escape room w/Puzzle Break is both highly challenging and fun, a great way to collaborate with colleagues and friends. I would highly recommend this to corporations for team building - exactly what we need right now!

Sandra de Novellis Co-Founder, Evolve Strategic Communications

Had a great team event with Puzzle Break! Team played Hackfiltration and it was super fun. The Game Master did a great job driving the whole process with sub-teams. The game itself is very well designed. And the entire booking process is easy and smooth. Highly recommended!

Violet Director of Software Engineering, Salesforce

Like all companies, our firm challenged to find a virtual experience to host our annual kick-off event for 900 employees. To us, that seemed like a near-impossible task but to Puzzle Break, it was what they were made for. Their team walked us through every aspect of the experience, preparing us for the number of attendees, proactively troubleshooting with our IT team, and enabling us to collaborate with employees all over the world.

Erin HR Business Partner

Terrific experience. interactive, fun, humorous and competitive spirits in all members came to the surface in a collaborative way. Give your friends and teammates a unique way to get together.

Kevin Connor Principal, Modern SBC
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