New Puzzle Break Escape Room in Seattle: Escape the Lost Temple

September 4, 2017 by Nate Martin

I am so very excited to announce the grand opening of our newest Puzzle Break experience: Escape the Lost Temple!

Quick Highlights:

  • Located at our Belltown, Seattle HQ: 2124 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98121

  • Optimal for 4-8 players

  • Public & Private bookings available (more on this below)

  • Players will be tasked to return a valuable artifact to the lost temple of the Etruscan Civilization and escape before a deadly volcano eruption!

  • Tickets available NOW at

Does your team have what it takes?

Does your team have what it takes?

With this room, there were several goals we set out to achieve. First and foremost, it was absolutely imperative we maintain our unparalleled standards of puzzle and game flow design. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or tech-heavy an experience, if the puzzles aren’t great, it’s not a great room. I couldn’t be happier with the puzzles we’ve put together.

By popular demand, Escape the Lost Temple will feature both public and private booking options, enabling he perfect escape experience for teams of all shapes and sizes! This will allow both:

  • Private groups will have the ability to play with no strangers.

  • Smaller groups can join forces with other adventurers as desired.

Be sure to check which time slots are Public & Private on our ticketing page.


Starting with Escape the Midnight Carnival, through The Eventide Departure and now with Escape the Lost Temple, we have created an interwoven thread of narrative across Puzzle Break games, featuring a common nemesis who has again reared his head.

Puzzle Break stands proud as an international leader in escape rooms & immersive entertainment. It is critically important that, in addition to game quality and story, we continue to push the technology envelope. With Escape the Lost Temple, we’ve outdone my highest expectations. One example:

Historically, the Etruscan Civilization was generally superstitious, and one of the ways they tried to predict the future was using a thing called a “brontoscopic calendar.”  They would predict that certain events would occur if there were a lightning strike on a particular day.  We’re using that concept a bit in the room, with a puzzle that has players using weather to create lightning strikes in a pattern. Historically appropriate & never-before-seen technology? I cannot wait until folks experience the magic.

Pictured: Magic.

Pictured: Magic.

Assemble your team of adventurers, head to Puzzle Break in Seattle, and Escape the Lost Temple!


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