Are you ready to take your team’s performance to the next level?

Welcome to the future of team building and professional development. For teams of all shapes, sizes, and experience level. Delivered virtually, anywhere in the world. Exclusively available with Puzzle Break.


Success is no accident

Since bringing escape rooms to the United States in 2013, we have seen millions of players experience the magic of Puzzle Break at our physical locations, at our offsites where we bring the escape to customer events, onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships, and virtually through our online experiences.

Our designers, management consultants, and performance analysts have spent years analyzing team performance metrics and developing a revolutionary curriculum that will unlock your team’s maximum potential as they have an unforgettable time that participants will talk about for years to come. Excellence, unlocked.

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Armed with nearly a decade’s worth of data, we have isolated a series of observable characteristics:


Present in the most
successful teams


Absent in the most
successful teams

We call these


the Puzzle Break Keystones.


Our expert moderators work with your team to identify keystone strengths, foster honest conversations about areas of opportunity, and hone collaborative skills in real-time at the individual & team levels. A multi-hour thrilling virtual escape adventure backdrop ensures maximum participant buy-in with proven results.
For participants anywhere on Earth.

School for spies

Workshop timeline

Workshop timeline
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Guided self-assessment

Led by our expert facilitators, Excellence Unlocked sessions begin and end with guided self-assessment and analysis.

Detailed post-game analysis

Detailed post-game analysis

Provided within 24 hours of gameplay, our facilitators evaluate your team using their observations and your team’s self-assessment, including keystone engagement, areas of success and areas of improvement.


Scalable for groups of all sizes

With a dedicated advisor and white-glove booking assistance, Excellence Unlocked can be facilitated for groups of all sizes.

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Ready to take your team’s performance to the next level?