How Google, Amazon, and Apple Engage Virtual Teams

Virtual Team Building that Actually Works

Yes, we started the “Escape Room” phenomenon in America. Since then, we’ve helped over 10,000 businesses build strong teams, increase employee engagement, and become more productive. If you’re looking for virtual team building ideas, Puzzle Break isn’t just fun and games. There’s serious science behind how our games bring people together.

Guaranteed Fun or Your Money Back

    73% of employees

    wish their company would invest more in virtual team building.

    55% of leaders

    feel team culture would improve if their company invested more into team building.

    A Brigham Young University study

    of 80 teams found teams engaged in just 45 minutes of virtual game play were 20% more productive than teams taking part in traditional team-building activities.

    MIT Human Dynamics Lab researchers report:

    ​​“conversations outside of formal meetings are the most important factor contributing to team success.”

    According to Gallup,

    employees with a best friend at work are two times more engaged than those who don’t. Our games build friendships.


    is an entire field of study devoted to the science of games and their impact on individuals and groups.


    Besides being crazy fun, our virtual team building activities build better teams and are proven to foster:





    Active collaboration


    Attention to detail



    Critical thinking

    Lateral logic

    Pattern recognition



    We’re the Escape Room originators.


    Playing our games you see your teammates in a different context. It’s amazing how people open up, work together, and bond. 10,000 companies can’t be wrong. Puzzle Break is a great team building idea.

    Organizations play our virtual team building games because they work.

    Schedule your Puzzle Break right now.