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Seattle escape rooms

Does your team have what it takes to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape the room before time runs out? Come experience the world-famous award-winning best escape rooms in the heart of Seattle, exclusively available at Puzzle Break!


The Eventide Departure

Revolutionary dueling escape game option, featuring two digitally-connected copies. Unravel the mystery alone with your team, or go head-to-head against rival adventurers!

Ideal for 2-5 Players.

Puppeteer's Workshop

Our newest escape room! A legendary stage puppeteer has returned from an unexplained hiatus and is searching for a new apprentice. Does your team have what it takes to conquer his challenges? Be on your guard; things are not always what they seem…

Ideal for 2-5 players.

Escape the Lost Temple

Featuring technology seen nowhere else in the world. Does your team of adventurers have what it takes to solve the mysteries of this hidden temple before it’s too late?

Ideal for 4-8 Players.

Escape from Seattle - The World's Fair Affair

One of the most premium immersive experiences in the world, Puzzle Break’s love letter to Seattle history & culture features never-before-seen technology, and a thrilling story.

Ideal for 4 – 8 Players.

Have a large group?


We’ve got you covered. Drop us a line and we’ll get you sorted with the perfect escape room team building experience.



    What is an escape room?carret

    An escape room is an immersive multiplayer experience during which participants work in teams to complete unique missions by locating hidden clues, untangling riddles, and solving puzzles.

    The staff at Puzzle Break is proud to be the first escape room company in the United States. We create experiences that promote critical thinking, problem-solving and, most importantly, fun! Our escape rooms feature memorable themes that involve thrilling stories, riveting mysteries, and never-before-seen plot twists.

    What escape rooms are available in Seattle?carret

    We offer three award-winning escape rooms:

    1. The Eventide Departure

    2. Puppeteer’s Workshop

    Each unique adventure tests specific skills and creates varied challenges for participants. Not in the Seattle area? No problem. We also offer virtual escape room experiences! You can learn more about them here.

    Where in Seattle are you located?carret

    We’re located in the heart of downtown Seattle at 2124 2nd Avenue Seattle, WA 98121

    How do I make a reservation at your Seattle escape room?carret

    We’re excited to have you come visit us! If you would like to make a reservation, it is best to start by exploring our experience options. You can take a look at those here. When you find the experience that is right for you, select the “Book” button.

    You can select the date, time, and number of players for your reservation. If at any point you have trouble with the process, we encourage you to contact our dedicated support team for assistance. Email us

    Do you offer the Seattle escape room experience for 2 players?carret

    Absolutely! At Puzzle Break, our ready-to-book adventures are designed for teams of 2-5 or 4-8 players, depending on your room choice. Go ahead and bring your significant other, best friend, or co-worker along for a one-of-a-kind experience.

    Is there a preferred team size?carret

    Our escape rooms can accommodate groups of any size for teams of 2-5 or 4-8 players. Several options are available for multiple teams to play at the same time! If you have a larger group, contact our booking specialists. They will organize the perfect event for your large team. We pride ourselves on being flexible and offering experiences to match our customers’ needs.

    Is there an age limit?carret

    Our escape rooms are designed for players 18 years or older. However, anyone over the age of 12 who is accompanied by a parent/guardian is more than welcome to participate.

    If you have a unique situation, contact us with your questions or concerns. Exceptions can be made in certain circumstances.

    Can experiences be personalized?carret

    If you would like a customized experience tailored to the needs of your group, please contact us. We can create a personalized experience for your team.

    No matter which Seattle escape room you choose, you will enjoy an unmatched, innovative experience.

    What types of events are escape rooms good for?carret

    Facilitating a team-building event for your employees? Looking for a unique date night? Planning an epic birthday party? A Seattle escape room may be the perfect fit. Channel your inner detective, create new memories, and challenge your brain.

    Do your Seattle escape rooms host team building events?carret

    Escape rooms are a great way to nurture your company’s interpersonal and team skills. Puzzle Break’s cleverly crafted games focus on:

    • Teamwork
    • Critical Thinking
    • Observation
    • Relationship Building
    • Trust
    • Thinking with a Global Perspective
    • Attention to Detail

    Put our Seattle escape rooms to the test. They’ve been known to boost morale and invigorate team spirit with sometimes surprising results. Come see for yourself!

    What if I’m late?carret

    We want all of our participants to receive the full Puzzle Break experience. To do this, we begin our briefing promptly at the scheduled start time. For this reason, we encourage team members to arrive ten minutes early. If you’re a few minutes late, you may miss important instructions. Players arriving more than ten minutes late will, unfortunately, not be allowed to participate.

    What is your refund policy?carret

    Tickets to our Seattle escape rooms are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Not able to attend? You may want to consider selling your ticket. Tickets are not tied to specific participants!


    Boost Morale, Strengthen Connections, and Have a Terrific Time: Discover Puzzle Break’s Seattle Escape Rooms


    Heard the buzz? Puzzle Break has served millions of participants worldwide. We are excited to serve you right here in the heart of Seattle! Help your teammates discover clues, solve puzzles, and escape the room before the clock chimes!

    Since 2013, Puzzle Break’s mission has been to revolutionize the live-action entertainment scene. How? Through one-of-a-kind escape room experiences. These adventures are fun, interactive and memorable, combining live theater with carefully crafted puzzles to foster an experience unlike any other.

    Whether you are planning a memorable night out or hosting a team building event, we are here to facilitate your next Seattle escape room or virtual event! The best part? Your group will work on skills like problem-solving, time management, and critical thinking without even realizing it.

    Instead, it will simply feel like 60 minutes of fun! Experience the camaraderie a Puzzle Break experience can create. It’s a thrill for both you and your teammates.

    Read on to discover the benefits of booking our Seattle escape room experience.

    We’ve Given Team Building Workshops a Facelift

    Team building is an essential element of any successful business. If you’re looking for an activity that’s fun and effective, you’ve come to the right place to try something new! Enter Puzzle Break.

    We’ve made it our mission to take team building to a higher level. Office trivia may get some engagement. But we’re offering a thrilling, fully immersive experience. An activity that boosts morale, drives productivity, and doesn't feel even a little bit like work. Modern-day employees require modern-day team building activities, and we’re happy to make that happen.

    How happy and fulfilled your employees are is dependent on the team culture. A healthy work culture will help employees become more productive and work well together over time. Promote a healthier, more productive company culture by booking an exciting, morale-boosting escape room activity today.

    Skills Our Escape Rooms Develop

    Each of your team members brings unique skills to the table. Our Seattle escape room helps participants improve their skills while collaborating with their teammates to work towards a common goal: escape!

    Your team will strengthen these skills in our Seattle escape rooms:

    checkmark Communication
    checkmark Trust & Reliance
    checkmark Problem-Solving
    checkmark Critical Thinking
    checkmark Memory
    checkmark Motor Skills
    checkmark Project Management

    Team members rely on each other, using these important skills to solve the puzzle.

    What You Can Expect From Our Award-Winning Escape Rooms

    Our escape rooms are designed to keep you and your team members engaged. You will navigate plot twists and game shifts. It’s not just about finding the key to the exit door. It’s about engaging with your team members to solve puzzles, find clues, and come up with solutions. It’s a thrilling ride! Come ready for a full-throttle adventure.

    What You Need to Know Before Your First Visit

    So you’re thinking of taking the plunge and scheduling your first experience at our Seattle escape room. Congratulations– we can’t wait to see you!

    We’re frequently asked if participants need to be good at solving puzzles to participate. You don’t need to be one of America’s top puzzle solvers. Our escape rooms are for anyone and everyone looking for a new adventure. No prior puzzle-solving experience is necessary.

    Many people wonder what to bring along. The answer is simple! You don’t need to bring anything. Everything you need to escape will be in the room.


    Let's get started


    Ready to take your team to the next level and have an unforgettable time?