Puzzle Break is a live-action escape-the-room experience where teams are locked in a room full of hidden clues and puzzles and must use their wits and teamwork to escape in the one hour time limit! A truly unique morale and team building adventure.

The traditional escape game experience is approximately 90 minutes. Featuring senior staff, a custom time to fit your schedule, and a detailed post-game analysis, an example timetable looks something like this:

  • 15 minutes - Introduction and Overview of Rules and Strategy
  • 60 minutes - Puzzling and Escaping!
  • 15 minutes - Solution Walkthrough and Debriefing

Scheduling is handled on a per-team basis; we can generally accommodate most teams' preferred times, day or night.  Price is dependent on size of group and location.  We also have a private room available for meeting before/after your event. Please email us for a quote!

For larger events, we can even bring the escape experience to you! Check out our offerings below.

booking@puzzlebreak.com to set up a team building event


Option 1: Traditional Escape Game

For most teams. Bring your team (anywhere from 2 to several dozen) to our location in Seattle and experience our world famous escape rooms!


Option 2: Offsite Escape Game

For small/medium offsites. We bring our astronomy-themed Escape from Starbase Alpha (formerly Escape from Studio D) to your location anywhere in the US, and multiple teams can play throughout the day! 


Option 3: Large-Scale Escape Experience

For large groups. The granddaddy escape extravaganza! Up to 250 players work in teams to catch a killer in 1940s Hollywood. We come to you (anywhere in the US)!

Just a few of our thousands of team building clients:

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